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Technical Process

The Company has developed a proprietary gasification and emissions control system that produces inexpensive thermal and electrical energy.

The gasification process takes place in a series of ceramic-lined units specifically designed to provide for the gasification/combustion of the biomass materials, and which are suited to accommodate biomass materials of varying size and moisture content. These units are capable of 98% conversion efficiencies for converting solid fuels to useable thermal energy from almost any biomass source, including green waste, sludge, plastics, municipal solid waste ("MSW"), wood and other organics.

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Envirepel Biomass Process Highlights:

  • Diverts waste streams from landfills
  • Gasifies waste streams to produce thermal energy
  • Thermal energy can be converted into electricity
  • Air pollution offset credits will not be required because of low-level exhaust emissions

The equipment installed at each Facility will include a series of material grinders to reduce the size of the waste to approximately one inch. Ground materials will be fed into a proprietary gasification/combustion system in which the prepared green waste will be reduced to its mineral components at an approximate temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. These mineral components will be recovered and prepared for use as concrete filler material. As a by-product of this process a considerable amount of thermal energy, in the form of hot gases, will be released. The hot gases will be cleaned by several pieces of equipment, including a cyclone dust collector, a selective catalytic reactor, a scrubber and a wet electrostatic precipitator, and will be cooled to less than 120 degrees Fahrenheit before being released into the atmosphere. During the cooling process a portion of the energy will be recovered to heat water to produce steam, which will then be used to drive turbines to convert further thermal energy into electrical energy. A portion of the steam energy and electrical energy will be used to operate each Facility.

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