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Emission Testing

Envirepel Energy Inc. has conducted air emission testing of hybrid gasification/combustion systems starting in 2004.  Most recently we have done analysis in our own test cell facility since March of 2007.  The purpose of our test cell is strictly for Research and Development.  Roughly 2000 hours of testing have taken place in our unit through the end of 2008.  We will continue to advance our technology designs, testing our air emission numbers on various fuels, to ensure confidence in our process.  Extremely stringent emission control limits have been set through the San Diego Air Pollution Control District as well as the City of Vista for our 2.2 MW Kittyhawk facility.  Through hours of testing we have either met or under-cut these limits.  The following is an example of raw combustion emissions from a certified emissions test running on wood waste:


Raw Emission Level   


67 ppm

Carbon Monoxide

0 ppm

Volatile Organic Compounds

0 ppm

PM 10 and PM 5

0 ppm


0 ppm


Video of the Company's R&D facility TC-4 in Lincoln Alabama is available on this link

Emissions Stack testing results from testing in October of 2013 are available 

Envirepel Energy believes that these pollutant levels of raw combustion gasses for NOX can be reliably reduced with traditional catalytic converter emissions control equipment to reduce NOX levels to below that of 5 ppm making the emissions from our Max Power Linear Combustion system cleaner than that of natural gas combustion systems.