About Us | Envirepel Energy, Inc.


Mission & Values

Envirepel was founded to fill a "gap" in the clean energy market for base load power from organic waste streams. Envirepel determined that it can efficiently produce "clean" energy and mitigate various environmental challenges at a local level.


Our vision describes what we are striving to achieve:
Envirepel's vision is to mitigate local environmental and energy challenges by converting organic waste streams into "clean" energy.


Our mission describes our primary directives to achieve this vision:
Define and deliver integrated packaged equipment solutions that address local energy requirements and environmental challenges by converting organic waste streams into cost-effective clean, distributed energy. As an integrated solution provider Envirepel will design, develop, and manufacture the necessary core equipment to ensure systems operate as specified and can be manufactured in response to demand.


Our values as a company are the qualities that will guide the performance of our work toward attaining our mission and vision. We strive to uphold and practice the following values:

  • Innovation -- Encouraging and rewarding originality to foster new opportunities and advances.
  • Service -- Remembering that our ultimate aim is to provide a viable and environmentally sound facility solution.
  • Accountability -- Operate with full responsibility to our stakeholders, employees, Regulatory Agencies, and our strategic partners, while upholding transparency and integrity in all our endeavors.
  • Synergy -- Foster Strategic Partnerships where appropriate to maximize success in developing business capacities in manufacturing, project development, and facility operations.
  • Excellence -- Committing to the highest standards of performance in our own activities, our strategic partners activities and in the research that we support.